ITLHE – RACE Blog Post (3) – ‘Room of Silence’ – (Due: Apr 23rd)

“If I raise my voice, am I threatening?”
…A great watch!

I wish it compulsory for ALL students of ALL Undergraduate courses undertake some form of Inclusive training – covering topics such as Race, Gender, Faith/Beliefs, Sexuality, Disability etc.
Maybe this could be a COMPULSORY course/project set for students in the summer holidays leading up to enrolment.

As sad as this makes me feel to say, watching and listening to the experiences of other people of color, at least I wasn’t the only one, and I wasn’t just imagining things.
For, people who look like me, often have the same story to tell, even if they’re living on the other side of the world.

Had I been exposed to all this information and the sharing of students finding solidarity in groups such as Shades of Noir, my undergraduate experience would have been far greater, and so much more inspiring!
But such is life.

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